Masked Help

COVID-19 Info

HEALTH AND SAFETY – Whether you are spending the night with us or ordering a delicious take out dinner please be assured that every safety precaution is being taking to insure your service and food meets the highest standards. Our entertainment in the Tavern every weekend is safely behind a plexiglass screen.

“Thank you for choosing to dine with us during these challenging times.”

Mask Mandate
In order for us to serve the public during the covid crisis, all guests must wear a mask anytime you are not seated at your table. This includes entering the building, leaving the building, and using the rest room. We also respectfully ask that you not join other tables, stand at the bar, or dance when music is playing. These guidelines have been established by the State of New Hampshire and must be strictly enforced at all times in order for us to keep everyone safe and remain open to the public.

2 Hour Table Limit
If you have visited us before you will note that 50% of our seats have been removed in order to provide as safe a dining experience as possible. Accordingly, you may enjoy your table for a maximum of 2 hours. This gives us plenty of time to care for you and to clean and prep your table so that the reservation that follows yours can be quickly and safely seated.

If for some reason you have not finished your meal in the allotted time we will attempt (if possible) to move you to another table. This is not a guarantee. If we cannot find another table for you, we will have to box your food to go. We will do our best to give you a “gentle time left alert” so that no one feels like they are being rushed out the door. This is the last thing we want.

An Unfortunate Warning
It has been almost a year since the State of New Hampshire closed all restaurants to the public. Regrettably, we have had a too many incidents where some customers felt that the above stated policies did not apply to them. The resulting rude treatment of my staff, who is simply trying to keep our business open and our customers safe, has been appalling and will NOT be tolerated. Please know that anyone not in compliance with these policies will be reminded once of our expectations. If we have to ask a second time, we will call our good friends three hundred yards away at Jackson PD. We simply do not have the time to battle the virus and customers who feel they can do whatever they want.
On a more positive note, we deeply appreciate your patronage during these difficult times for all of us. Your understanding in this regard is greatly appreciated as we struggle to keep our doors open. Thankfully there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel.

On behalf of my entire staff, we look forward to that time when life is back to normal.

Thank you once again for visiting The Wildcat Inn & Tavern!!!!

Stewart M. Dunlop, Owner


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